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The Cities of Crete

Heraklion, Chania, and Rethymnon

Cities filled with history - Architecture of Venetian influence

Crete nests over a hundred villages throughout the Island, where you can get lost with proud and welcoming people. There are so many to visit and discover. From East to West, and North to South, discovering the Island for its landscapes, the archaeological sites, the secluded beaches and gorges and yes, the food, will have you coming back for more.


But this island has something unique among all the Greek Islands. An urban lifestyle, with 3 main cities (and a few more out East like Agios Nikolaos and Sitia) all of the North coast.

Heraklion - the capital

Named Candie during the Venetian occupation, then Megalo Kastro under the Turks, Heraklion (named after Heracles) became the capital of Crete in 1971. The imposing Venetian fort and its numerous historical museums will capture your imagination. With over 300,000 residents, the city’s vibrant local scene for tavernas, festivals, music and nightly events offer a glimpse of traditional and urban lifestyle.

Chania - the beautiful

Habited by the Minoans (500 BC), the Venetians reigned and fortified the city from 1250-1600. Chania (or Hania) is located on the Western region of Crete and has over 60,000 residents. A wide seafront promenade starts  at the sandy beach of Nea Chora and runs through the fishing harbor all the way to the Old Port. Arches, wooden bay windows, marble stone and columns adorn the old town, while the walls of the Fort surround it. Walking through the narrow streets, you will find gems of small shops, local cafes and tavernas. Your eyes will wander at the beauty of Chania.

Rethymnon - the forgotten

The Ottoman and Venetian influence are obvious. This city is nestled between Heraklion and Chania, and with just over 40,000 residents, it is filled with local tradition and culture like few areas on the Island.The Fortezza (Venetian fort) is impressive and the Old Town will capture your heart for its shops, cafes, quaint hotels and tavernas. Stay and enjoy the nightlife. Blend in and indulge in typical local music played with the Cretan Lyra to the early morning hours. One of the many sandy beaches (east or West of Rethymnon) will await and refresh you the following day.



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