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8,000 km away!

Crete, an Island filled with mystery, history, a deep sense of pride and caution. I remember my first (business) trip back in the fall of 2016. I had contemplated this idea for a while. I knew the products were good, especially the olive oils and honey. I was still unsure about the wines to be frank. Lack of knowledge really. Yes, I would enjoy the local wine at the taverna, with fresh fish, eating outdoors, and dreaming about this being the norm every day. How could you not? Paradise, right?

So, I did some research. Mostly online during the summer of 2016, with (yes) a short visit to Crete in July. I read about the development of the wineries, how the region had gone through transformation and modernization, gaining recognition in Europe mostly. Noticed that some unique varieties had evolved in quality through enhanced attention by the winemakers. Many of which had gained insights from well established wine countries in Europe. Although you’ll find many international varieties like Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon, interest has peaked with local grapes like Vidiano, Kotsifali, and a few others.

The first meeting

Here I was, day 1 (late September) with a good friend of mine going to our visit, and yes, we did get lost in the mountains early that morning. Laughing and somewhat worried that we would never make it. Finally arriving at Biolea estate. What a view. Breathtaking. We meet Chloe and George Dimitriadis. Unsure and excited. George breaks the ice quite quickly. He lived and worked in the Ottawa region. From Aylmer! And, what he showed us over the next hour blew us away. An organic, bio certified, stone milled (based on ancestral methods), cold pressed, unfiltered extra virgin olive oil. My friend and I left there thinking that this was the start of an exceptional journey. The next 3 weeks did not disappoint. 

Hand picked for you

Hand picked for you

I have hand-picked all the suppliers (craftsmen and women) based on several criteria, but mainly for their commitment to superior quality and sustainable practices. They care about what they are doing and wish to leave a healthy legacy. I hope you will enjoy some of the choices I have made. There will be others. But for now, enjoy as we bring freshness, beauty and pride to your doorsteps from 8000 km away...


By Patrick Hadsipantelis

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