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The minute I land and touch the ground, feel the warmth of the air, and take a quick look around at the mountain range, I feel at home. I have been here often. I have my favorite spots, hard to choose between. I love them all. I like the people, have made friends and enjoy the lifestyle. I can see myself spending more time here. And yes, I’ll learn the language as I should.

I decided to launch this new adventure called Creticos. First of all, for the name, I wanted a name that was simple, original, descriptive, bilingual, and where the domain name was available. That’s it, fairly simple. And, Creticos means (generally) that it comes from Crete. And why Crete? Well, the inspiration surely comes from my deep connection to my heritage that I never fully embraced. My father is from Patra in the Peloponnesus. My godfather is from Spili, a remote village south of Rethymno, and I have an uncle from Chania. I am by no means an “expert” of Crete. Yet again, I might have been to more areas than most Cretans have.

Authentic and unique products

I’ve always considered that too few products from Crete have found their way into our homes. So, I decided to take my time and do my own research. I have met with several winemakers, producers and farmers throughout the Island and I noticed much interest in exporting to Canada. I have selected a few products to start from those I feel have a commitment to their land, its conservation and sustainability, and for quality products, many of which are organic. There will be others as many craftsmen have inspired me by their know how.

I am starting with distinct product categories that have a significant impact on the local agriculture and the economy, which are wines, olive oil and honey. These products define the Cretan culture and go as far back as the Minoan civilization. They are an integral part of the Cretan way of life. These are wines made from unique native varieties, superior category extra virgin olive oils, and natural honey from thyme and mountain wild flowers. I have chosen them with care and I hope they will please you.

Balanced and healthy lifestyle

I will also provide some insights into a lifestyle that is well balanced and healthy. Sharing simple recipes and offering exclusive products that are nurtured with care which you can incorporate into your daily nutrition. For your personal benefit and pleasure. I will cover topics of history and culture, and share images of beautiful landscapes of a nature that will make you dream about going and for some, remind you of own experience. And, I will attempt to share the way of life of some of the most passionate craftsmen and women of Crete, and share the pride they have for their land. Hope you enjoy the ride:)


By Patrick Hadsipantelis

Tags: Crete. Honey. Olive oil. Wines.

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