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Plenty of fruits and vegetables

They are both abundant throughout the Island. Oranges, grapefruits and lemons from November to April (namely a sweet orange named Mousmoula in the Spring). Apricots, plums and watermelon in the Summer. Figs and pomegranates are ripe in the Fall. Beans, lentils and wild greens like horta or stamnagathi are also main staples of the diet, and both fresh and cooked vegetables accompany every meal.

Moderate consumption of meats, dairy, alcohol and sweets

Food of animal origin is more peripheral in nature and dairy products are consumed on a daily basis in moderate quantities, mostly through cheese and yogurt. One or two glasses of wine accompany meals, and a light quantity of Tsikoudia at the end of a meal. And, the most common desserts are yogurt with fresh fruit, and pastries based of honey.



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