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Moschopolis 18


Variety Syrah / Mavrotragano (50/50) Vintage  2020 Alcohol 15% Sugar 2.2 g/l Vinification       Organic farming. Aging for 18 months in old oak barrels. Bottled unfiltered with minimal sulfites. Limited production.     Winery Moschopolis Founded in 2016, Moschopolis is a private family vineyard in the village of Monopigado in the district of Thessaloniki. The vineyard has been in operation since 2001 and is located 500 meters...



Variety Liatiko 70% - Merlot 30% Vintage  2016 Alcohol 13.5% Vinification   Aged in wooden oak barrels.   Winery Silva Daskalaki Privately owned vineyards located within the region of Dafnes, south of Heraklion. An ideal ecosystem that highlights the distinctiveness of the Cretan wines. Engaged in Biodynamic farming since 2011.   Tasting notes A blend of two different varieties matured in oak barrels. Deep red color with aromas of...



Variety Xinomavro / Krasato / Stavroto (Rapsani PDO) Vintage  2020 Alcohol 13.5% Sugar 2.2 g/l Vinification   Aged in French and American oak barrels for 12 months. Certified Organic.   Winery Dougos winery Privately owned organic winery equipped with latest technology, using modern vinification techniques with an underground cellar where red wines patiently mature in French and American oak barrels. Located in the Tempi Valley, north of Larissa, at...

Alfa - Thyme honey (2021)


  Variety All natural thyme honey Extraction  Collected from the foothills of Mount Psiloritis. Format   500 grams   Characteristics  100% authentic Cretan honey. All natural from the wild mountains of Crete. Unique endemic vegetation. Filtered and packaged. Best before date: May 2023   Beekeeper Kosta Fragkiadakis Family business with decades of tradition in beekeeping. Modern facilities with high quality standards and hygiene (ISO 22000). Located in the South of...



Variety Syrah / Romeïko  (70/30) Vintage  2021 Alcohol 14% Vinification   Fermentation in stainless steel tanks Maturation of Romeïko in oak barrels (6 months)   Winery Manousakis winery Vineyards are located on the hills just outside the village of Vatolakkos, between 350-600 meters of elevation, in sandy soils rich in clay and argile. Ideal conditions for healthy grapes and the winery is committed to organic farming.   Tasting notes...



Variety Kotsifali 100% (unique Cretan variety) Vintage  2019 Alcohol 14.0% Sugar 1.9 g/l Vinification   Aged in French oak barrels for 6 months. Organic. Bio certified.   Winery Domaine Zacharioudakis Privately owned state-of-the-art winery. An organic vineyard planted on small and large low stone walls with steep slopes. Located in southern Crete (region of Heraklion), 1 km from the ancient settlement of Gortyn.   Tasting notes Vivid red color and...



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